Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well, here's my response from "Dan", supposedly acting as if the band does not deal with their myspace pages. Anyway, about 1.5 months later. I received this email in my myspace. Neal Schon's "Dan" is in red and my original email to him is down below is in blue:

Date: Mar 1, 2009 12:18 AM
Subject: RE: Journey BANNED fan member

Sorry for the late response. My name is Dan, I run this MySpace page, as far as other pages and the official website goes, it is run by Journey's management, webmasters, moderators, etc. and not by the band itself. Almost all information the band gets from their fans goes through management. The music industry is a business. "The Band" itself isn't banning you, so I believe it to be unfair to blame the band, but you should solely consult Azoff Management of your complaint.Thanks, Dan

----------------- Original Message -----------------

From: SUSAN (411793907)
To: Neal Schon (30231456)
Date: Jan 25, 2009 1:49 PM
Subject: Journey BANNED fan member

neal,i find it rude for Journey to ban me. i have a right to my contructive thoughts & criticism. banning me is pretty outrageous on Journey's part. Journey is so hateful...i know this becuase they are even not approving my sister's comment which was wishing STEVE PERRY a happy birthday. so for the record, i am being SINGLED OUT.

u think all of us old fans don't care about what happened about the band breakup? yeah right, like we are mechanical fans....we do more than just buy the albums u know.i was a young girl about 9 yrs old when i listened to all the music, recorded all the videos, the FRONTIERS days was my favorite...i watched the interviews & when u guys hosted night tracks...i was a journey fans until the breakup.......dont' tell me it wasn't was for us too....we're huaman too and yeah i do have opinions about it. till this day, i know u have a sword in ur heart for Steve perry.

what u guys did was wrong. I have a right to my opinion. how dare JOUNREY ban me. I'm not surprised these days. So WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS??????????? I'D LIKE TO SEE JUST HOW YOU GUYS WILL TAKE CARE OF A FAN...........we're watching & waiting...

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  1. This is not right!
    Journey is still nothing really without the man who made them........I too am a very disappointed x fan of Journey but a huge Fan of Steve Perry!