Saturday, January 3, 2009



For all the fans of the real Journey/Steve Perry, know without a fact, that Neal Schon has taken the mantle countless times to move on with Journey without Steve Perry....because afterall, the very making of Journey started before Steve Perry and can go on after Steve Perry.......

Well then, why is it so important for Neal to keep selecting these singers that can do a Perry pull-off or at least try to? I mean, if he completely wants to start ANEW as he states in his interviews....then why give Journey a complete makeover?
The reason is because he knows the old Journey fans want Steve Perry back. So if Neal listened to the fans, then either:
1.) he would have put Journey on hold until Steve Perry came back or

2.) Find a complete different vocal sound for Journey.

But instead, he is still buidling Journey on the old I find this rather backstabbing in nature to Steve Perry, to the band and definitely to the old Journey fans and deceiving to the new fans.
Also, let's look at this logically, the OFFICIAL MYSPACE JOURNEY PAGE is covered with album covers of Steve Perry with the band NOT Arnel this tactic is supposedly to keep us old Journey fans on the sidelines and hoot and haller for them.
Then you have the completely new jourmey fans (mostly younger in age) who have no idea who Steve Perry they come to Journey official myspace page and wonder "That's not Arnel Pineda, who is that???"....then they come time find out after searching on YOUTUBE and see that Steve Perry is the guy on their offical myspace page and that he is the REAL voice of Journey. They come to realize that Arnel is just a karoke stroker wannabe rock star trying to do a Perry pull-off. I have never seen this kind of bogus marketing done in rock or music history. CHEESY SLY marketing folks!

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