Saturday, January 3, 2009


Look at how Journey plays on the OLD songs with the days of Steve Perry and completely leaves his photos up with the band on their official myspace page as if the band never broke apart! I find it funny how they do not immediately post up Pineda photos yet....he is nowhere on the front page. Now whay is that???

Quite interesting..........

The first order of pissing us off was Neal recruiting die hard karoke stroker wannabe rockstar Arnel Pineda so that he can jump around on stage like it's his fame and "sing" as if it is a talent show....but he continues to strain his voice in order to project the "Perry pull-off" sounds horrible.

Journey does not want to lose their old fans (which is ALOT) in order to not piss us off completely again....they are strategically playing marketing mind games with us all. They are trying to keep their old fans while pulling in the new young fans with this Pineda junk.....

Journey is on a road to fading out without havinglived their TRUE legacy. The guys have allowed Neal Schon to once again shatter Journey.

It has been confirmed that Neal Schon is a recovering alcoholic and is still on that why would the other guys allow someone like this to make important decisions for Journey??? I'm not saying Neal is a bad person.....I feel that what Neal is going thru is so profound that he should do himself a favor and just focus on that moreso than anything else....I mean, he is almost 60 years old and dealing with this..........I think those around him have been enablers because they never stepped their foot down on Neal and now look where he is at and now look where Journey is at.......

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