Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well, the hatred against old Journey fans continues to go on........

My sister had posted a comment to the offical Journey myspace page. She was wishing Steve Perry a happy birthday & stating that we love & honor him. Well guesss what? they refused to approve it. They approved others but I noticed others that posted later than her were on there.

Journey really has it in for me. I know this for sure because I voice out my distaste for Arnel Pineda and my deepest concerns for STEVE PERRY and I have questioned Neal Schon about how I feel. You are ONLY allowed to leave "I love you" and "I worship you" comments on their pages. They don't want us fans having any thoughts or opinions. We're supposed to be mechanical and just make sure we buy & support their music for capital gain. They don't care how we feel about their old Journey days even though they still try to stroke our hearts with those OLD SONGS. We old fans know those days consisited of alot of emotions surrounding the band's breakup.


  1. Hey Susan, They did the same thing to me too!

    I love Love Love Steve Perry and I guess we are not supposed to even mention him on the "new Journey" site! I am boycotting all Journey without "the Voice" screw Neal!

  2. Hi kels40, a pleasure to meet you. Iam so sorry. Can you tell me exactly what happened to you. I am interested in to hear your story and many others would like to hear it too....