Thursday, January 1, 2009


Have you ever needed to save face in situations in your life?
We all have done this one time or another.

Arnel Pineda claimed he was a victim of RACIAL DISCRIMINTION by Journey fans....particularly the fans of the AUTHENTIC Journey. I find his claim to be simply a poor EXCUSE for his lack of voice skills and successful performance on stage. He himself knows undoubtedly that he is nothing more than a die hard karoke singer.

One does not need to be a professional voice instructor or singer to observe Arnel's terrible voice. Perhaps he can use some instruction from from Clay Aiken?

So Arnel Pineda uses the race card just to maintain his career with Journey so that he can suck all the money he can, live out the excitement on THEIR fame and Steve Perry's fame and then when all his needs are just about met, he will go back to the Philippines.

I find it very rude, in appropriate and pure bullshit that he would blame the fans and not himself for his lack of voice skills and talent. I'm offended that Journey would allow someone like this in the band.

How dare he blame the fans....Steve Perry NEVER blamed us fans. He was always on our side.
check out what he was quoted to have said in a filipino newspaper:
Meanwhile, the singer is very happy that the members of the band have quickly accepted him. He took pride in saying that his Filipino values—like being hospitable, warm, and sensitive—won them over. “Madali nila akong natanggap. Ako ‘yung hindi makapaniwala na madali nila akong natanggap.(The band members accepted me easily, I was the one that couldn't believe that they accepted me so easily.) So it’s all about me,” he said laughing.
Being hospitable, warm and sensitive is a human thing NOT a filipino thing. Get it straight arnel, you are prideful and a racist....and again are blaming others when in fact the fault is within yourself.
We all should boycott Journey until they remove Arnel Pineda and bring Steve Perry back to rejoin the guys.


  1. I bet Arnel never dreamed of becoming Journey's frontman. Cut the guys some slack, it's not like he sought the job. Stop being bitter. Its quite pathetic the way you're bashing Journey. If you hate them so much, why do you give them so much of your time?

    By the way, it's karaoke, not karoke.

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  2. Susan is not bashing Journey. She's bashing a fake ass wannabe karaoke singer. My boycott vote is in. By the way, it doesn't matter how you spell karaoke, it still means fake ass wannabe bitch. Also, Susan is not bashing filipon's, she's bashing just arnel pineda and his pathetic life so stop using the word "them".