Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm pissed off at Neal Schon and he needs Dr. PHIL

Why am I so pissed off at Neal Schon?

Steve Perry was strongly influential with the mentalities of the fans. Neal was the strong influence on the band's mentality.

Let me first say that Neal Schon is a god at his guitar and no one can perfect their style as he does. However, it is his inner nature, moreso in the past, that bothers me.

We all know that Neal Schon was co-founder of Journey in it's beginning. Did he take this mantle throughout the Journey/Steve years? I believe he did. A number of variables should be considered for the breakup of Steve Perry and Journey...

Firstly, Neal Schon never wanted a lead vocalist to begin with. He judged Steve Perry from the beginning in ALL ways...but it wasn't until Neal Schon witnessed how the successful the band was getting with the vocals of Perry and the music collaboration they were all doing, especially between Jonathan Cain and Steve Perry. But did that stop Neal Schon with his mentalities of Steve Perry...maybe a few at times!

Quite honestly, Neal schon must have had some deep jealousy towards Steve Perry. Why you ask? How could that be...sounds rediculous doesn't it? Well, considering Neal Schon co-founded Journey and worked with Santans, wouldn't your ego be flying of the wall? But he didn't feel any credit for all this because Steve Perry was gaining all the attention from the female fans.

Neal Schon indrectly influenced the other band members to go against Steve in some way, shape or form. I believe Steve had to somehow build a wall between him and the band to survive from within while dealing with the pressures of the general business.

I think people would like to dismiss this kind of story because they do not believe it can happen with ALL guys in a rock band. Well, if you watch old and new interviews with what is being said and not being said and observe the body get a very obvious story. I 'm claiming to knjow exact details but the bottom line is......the "buddyship"between Neal and Steve was never there. it was a kind of battle that had an enormous effect on Steve and the band...and undoubtedly on the music. It was a battle that Steve had to deal with and had to spend all this energy and emotions to create some type of sanity.

We need to understand and know that these kinds of events happen all the time in our daily jobs or at school, etc. Human behavior is not a mystery....look how many times people backstab each other or gossip behind one another or set out to conspire against someone in the workplace. It's employees, managers, etc. It happens almost daily whether on a big or minute scale.

Whether it's a relationship or marriage or friendship, or 2 people working on a project, human behavior matters. The dynamic interaction matters. The attitues and HEARTS matter.

I want to finish this particular post by saying that I do not blame Neal Schon for every single mishap of the band nor do I feel he hates Steve Perry. I think he does feel bad for what happened but he is not totally convicted in his heart. Just because he failed to get Steve Perry back to join them again doesn't mean he has to backlash at Steve again with hurtful and rude words.

Neal needs to understand that there will never be a true reconciliation on any level until he himself feels convicted in the heart (if he truly cares he will). Merely, telling Steve "Yeah man, we miss you, come back and join the band." is NOT a true apology.

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  1. I agree with this post....Steve Perry helped put Journey on the map of the Rock scene....Neal benefited enormously to that success with Steve in the band...I think it was rude and insenstive of Neal and Jon Cain to kick Steve Perry out of the band....It was Steve's voice and his songwriting that made them a kick ass band in the first place....I think Neal has got a BIG EGO that someone needs to put him in his place.