Sunday, December 28, 2008

Arnel Pindea...SNEAKY motives with Journey

I am the kind of person that accepts anyone for who they are and where they come from but when someone raises the hair on my skin....that's when I am alerted to be weary.....

I have watched Arnel Pineda on youtube performing on stage with Journey. If you watch closely without being distracted from the great sounds of Jonathan, Neal, and Ross, then you are able to easily observe Pineda completely and consistently burning out on stage.....not because of natural performance exhaustion....but by the fact that all his efforts are into TRYING to sound like Steve Perry (due to the fact that he must). He strains his whole body and face to get that Perry sound. It actually exhausts and amuses me to see that. I find it very disappointing for the greatest rock band in history to have gone this route in replacing Steve Perry.

He is sharading his way on stage to make the $$$$$$$$$$$.

The journey band members are blind sighted by the real intentions of Arnel Pineda because they want to revive the old Journey days...perhaps symbolically through Arnel pineda because that is the closest they can come to Steve Perry at the moment.

I have observed the gestures and comments with Arnel and the guys. Arnel maybe thankful to be out of the homeless situation (which i don't doubt) but he knows Journey is desparate to get the sound of Steve Perry again and that they will almost do anything to have it.

Arnel is no stupid guy, he may appear to be soft and innocent but believe me, he has an agenda that is masked by the whole Journey legacy being revived. No one is taking notice to this because of the sad situation he came from in the midst of the great old Journey songs with Steve Perry's voice.

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