Sunday, December 28, 2008

Arnel Pindea...SNEAKY motives with Journey

I am the kind of person that accepts anyone for who they are and where they come from but when someone raises the hair on my skin....that's when I am alerted to be weary.....

I have watched Arnel Pineda on youtube performing on stage with Journey. If you watch closely without being distracted from the great sounds of Jonathan, Neal, and Ross, then you are able to easily observe Pineda completely and consistently burning out on stage.....not because of natural performance exhaustion....but by the fact that all his efforts are into TRYING to sound like Steve Perry (due to the fact that he must). He strains his whole body and face to get that Perry sound. It actually exhausts and amuses me to see that. I find it very disappointing for the greatest rock band in history to have gone this route in replacing Steve Perry.

He is sharading his way on stage to make the $$$$$$$$$$$.

The journey band members are blind sighted by the real intentions of Arnel Pineda because they want to revive the old Journey days...perhaps symbolically through Arnel pineda because that is the closest they can come to Steve Perry at the moment.

I have observed the gestures and comments with Arnel and the guys. Arnel maybe thankful to be out of the homeless situation (which i don't doubt) but he knows Journey is desparate to get the sound of Steve Perry again and that they will almost do anything to have it.

Arnel is no stupid guy, he may appear to be soft and innocent but believe me, he has an agenda that is masked by the whole Journey legacy being revived. No one is taking notice to this because of the sad situation he came from in the midst of the great old Journey songs with Steve Perry's voice.


People, let's update this petition online to bring Steve Perry back with Journey. There are 2 petitions but this particlar one, I am trying to help circulate. It is one click literally and filling out your name, email address then you're done!:

TOGETHER, we CAN do this.

I'm pissed off at Neal Schon and he needs Dr. PHIL

Why am I so pissed off at Neal Schon?

Steve Perry was strongly influential with the mentalities of the fans. Neal was the strong influence on the band's mentality.

Let me first say that Neal Schon is a god at his guitar and no one can perfect their style as he does. However, it is his inner nature, moreso in the past, that bothers me.

We all know that Neal Schon was co-founder of Journey in it's beginning. Did he take this mantle throughout the Journey/Steve years? I believe he did. A number of variables should be considered for the breakup of Steve Perry and Journey...

Firstly, Neal Schon never wanted a lead vocalist to begin with. He judged Steve Perry from the beginning in ALL ways...but it wasn't until Neal Schon witnessed how the successful the band was getting with the vocals of Perry and the music collaboration they were all doing, especially between Jonathan Cain and Steve Perry. But did that stop Neal Schon with his mentalities of Steve Perry...maybe a few at times!

Quite honestly, Neal schon must have had some deep jealousy towards Steve Perry. Why you ask? How could that be...sounds rediculous doesn't it? Well, considering Neal Schon co-founded Journey and worked with Santans, wouldn't your ego be flying of the wall? But he didn't feel any credit for all this because Steve Perry was gaining all the attention from the female fans.

Neal Schon indrectly influenced the other band members to go against Steve in some way, shape or form. I believe Steve had to somehow build a wall between him and the band to survive from within while dealing with the pressures of the general business.

I think people would like to dismiss this kind of story because they do not believe it can happen with ALL guys in a rock band. Well, if you watch old and new interviews with what is being said and not being said and observe the body get a very obvious story. I 'm claiming to knjow exact details but the bottom line is......the "buddyship"between Neal and Steve was never there. it was a kind of battle that had an enormous effect on Steve and the band...and undoubtedly on the music. It was a battle that Steve had to deal with and had to spend all this energy and emotions to create some type of sanity.

We need to understand and know that these kinds of events happen all the time in our daily jobs or at school, etc. Human behavior is not a mystery....look how many times people backstab each other or gossip behind one another or set out to conspire against someone in the workplace. It's employees, managers, etc. It happens almost daily whether on a big or minute scale.

Whether it's a relationship or marriage or friendship, or 2 people working on a project, human behavior matters. The dynamic interaction matters. The attitues and HEARTS matter.

I want to finish this particular post by saying that I do not blame Neal Schon for every single mishap of the band nor do I feel he hates Steve Perry. I think he does feel bad for what happened but he is not totally convicted in his heart. Just because he failed to get Steve Perry back to join them again doesn't mean he has to backlash at Steve again with hurtful and rude words.

Neal needs to understand that there will never be a true reconciliation on any level until he himself feels convicted in the heart (if he truly cares he will). Merely, telling Steve "Yeah man, we miss you, come back and join the band." is NOT a true apology.

Why the rock Band Journey is Corporate Style these days!

If you grew up in the 80's listening to the rock band Journey then you remember how successful and famous the band became and how GREAT the music was as time went on. During that time, the band consisted of the AUTHENTIC lead singer Steve Perry, Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon, Ross Valory and Steve Smith.

As their success grew, they were labeled as "Corporate Rock" in the media. Journey was anything but corporate style. They had integrity with their music which could not be duplicated by other bands in the studio or on stage. There was a kind of magic touch with songwriting between Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry, and Neal Schon.

Fast forward to present time. Journey has sold themselves to be Corporate Rock with "prefessional" karoke singer Arnel Pineda to emulate STEVE PERRY.

I find no integrity in Journey finding another lead singer who tries to sound like STEVE PERRY (at times) in order to grab the hearts of us women FANS again so Journey can relive their fame again? I'm sorry but the authenticity and integrity of Journmey has changed by this approach.

Journey was about realness....but this is completely a kind of deception and I refuse to be an idiot fan and consumer. I remember back in the old Frontiers tour days in the 80's, Neal Schon stated in an interview that ne noticed these melodic ballads they were presenting on stage (referring to "faithfully" that he was initally opposed to) caused an increase of a female fanbase and said, "it's great on the eyes" while laughing.

So if you look at the big picture, this search for a lead singer wasn't about the AUTHENTIC sounds of Journey or the AUTHENTIC songwriting. It is moreso about capturing the fan base again.

They are certainly not living out a TRUE LEGACY by RE-RECORDING these AUTHENTIC Journey songs with this ridiculous karoke singer Arnel Pineda whose expertise is in trying hard to sound like famous singers. If you haven't nocited already, he completely burns out on stage because the whole time, he is trying to steer his voice in such a way to sound like Steve Perry. It's hard work when it's not natural. I find his gestures to be quite annoying and distractful. his presentation on stage is all about "trying to look like a rock star". It's all too much, too forced and again, not natural. Journey has certainly changed their direction. But why do people settle for this? Because they miss the old Journey sounds and want it again and are just settling for less.

Also, Pineda had responded an in interview about being with Journey. He stated that he would like to be with Journey for 3-4 more years if they like him. He went on to say that as long as Journey supported him (his life) , his family and their life in the philippines then he would be fine with those conditions. I could not believe what I read and he definitely is being indirect of what he means. Undoubtedly, he is talking about the financial state of himself and his family. This guy is very clever hidden underneath a softness. Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon are blind sighted to this because they are so immersed in this deceptive Journey "Legacy". They have once again shattered Journey.

why pay for a NON- AUTHENTIC Journey concerts or albums? It's like paying for lower value counterfeit jeans with a fake designer brand label made that reads "Rock and Republic". Who appreciats being cheated in life whether it's the small things to the big things. I certainly don't.

People, I would recommend you save your hard earned dollars to pay for your children's needs, maybe your house needs home improvement, help support mom or dad, make any neccessary bill payments, etc. instead of investing money into what is not real before your eyes. Hold onto your money until STEVE PERRY is back with JOURNEY so you can get a better value for your money. Don't get me wrong, Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon and Ross Valory are of course worth it but I am not paying to hear the voice of Arnel Pindea.